Acrylic Pouring Basics – Private Lesson


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Have you ever wondered if you’d enjoy painting? Are you going through a tough time and think making art could be a way of healing yourself (as I did)? Or maybe you just want to try paint pouring because it looks like so much fun! I now offer private lessons one on one to teach you all of these things! See whichever option suits you, and click to book it.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Cost: $75 bring your own materials (see the list below) OR $100 with materials included
  • What you’ll make: You’ll create and take home (when it dries) one 8″x10″ piece and one 12″x16″ piece of fluid art. If we have extra time, you’ll create an additional 8″x10″ piece of fluid art.
  • What you’ll learn: You’ll learn about color theory to help you choose the best color palettes for home decor, how to mix colors & paints, what the different additives do, curing & sealing your artwork so it lasts, and how to do all of this while minimizing your waste. You’ll also learn two of these different pouring techniques: Flip Cup, Tree Ring, Puddle pour, Swipe, Funnel, Dirty Cup.
  • Pre-requisites: None. If you’ve already taken this class before, I will skip over the repeated materials, and focus instead on teaching you more techniques and practicing more.


  • Floetrol from Home Depot/Lowe’s. Available on Amazon too but more expensive if you can’t find it at those locations – $13.50
  • Liquitex basics paints from Michael’s (try to buy them with 40%+ off coupon) -$5 each,$3 with coupon
    • Titanium white
    • Mars black
    • Cadmium red (optional)
    • Quinacridone magenta
    • Pthalo blue
    • Cadmium yellow
    • Permanent green light (optional).
  • 100% Silicone oil (treadmill lubricant) from Amazon or local store – $7 – $12
  • Distilled water from Safeway/QFC/equivalent $2
  • Stir sticks from the dollar store – $1
  • Plastic cups (2oz, 16oz) from the dollar store $2
  • Freezer paper from Safeway/QFC/equivalent – $6+
  • Two 8×10 canvases, one 12×16 canvas from Michaels (best to buy during the 3 for 1 or 70% off discounts) – $8 with 70% off coupon
  • Butane torch from Amazon or local store – $20 (optional)
  • Safety equipment – gloves, respirator mask + filter  (optional, not included even if you pay for class with materials) from amazon, costco, home depot or local store. $30-40 

Estimated cost of supplies: $54 – $117.50 plus tax, but you get to take your unused materials with you to make more pours at home. 

Contact me to schedule your lesson after you’ve checked out.

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Bring your own materials, Materials included